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Bob always gets mischievous when he comes across strangers. An old man moved near his house. Rumor has it that he was a school teacher once. It’s been Bob's dream to tease a teacher all his life. The stranger looks suspicious and scary. No one knows his name and where he came from, Only known fact about him is that once he was a teacher. Everyone is scared of him except bob. He lives an isolated life and does not socialize with anyone.
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Scary Strange 3D gives players moments of tension and anxiety with thrilling hide-and-seek games and tips that demand focus by the user. In the course of the game the player transforms into a child trying to frighten away the terrifying man that is who is trying to capture him. Be careful to avoid the dangers lurking around you as you never know what could happen if this man spots you.

It’s a great and relaxing game of simulation that is suitable for those who want to be a bit sly and playful. Additionally, it’s a fantastic method to relax and relieve anxiety, even for a couple of minutes. Just play the game and keep playing as you learn the details about your neighbor and discover more fun pranks you can unleash on him. The fun never stops with Scary Stranger 3D.


In Scary Stranger 3D, Android players will play as Bob the smart and mischievous child in the neighborhood. He always loves making jokes on others with his clever jokes. This time, Bob is having another opportunity to showcase his talent and inventive mind. The new neighbor has recently moved into the street. He is terrifying green guy with zero sense of humor. He often causes people to be feel uncomfortable by his behavior. It’s the perfect the right time for Bob to teach him an important lesson. In addition, the man is also a teacher who Bob was always looking to do a tease.

Additionally, with the man living on his own and not interacted with anyone. You can see the perfect opportunity to visit the man’s home and test your various ways to set up Pranks. Take pleasure in the addictive game of role-playing and free to express your imagination by demonstrating your pranking abilities through the game. Enjoy the endless fun of playing the game through different chapters, each having distinct settings and fun pranks you to try.


Bob is exceptionally playful when he is with strangers who are new to him. A few days ago, an older person resided near Bob’s home and has since. There was rumors that the odd older man was an instructor at a different school in the town. Bob’s desire is to tame teachers on a daily basis. Therefore, this is the ideal topic for him to try his tricks on. The man who was mysterious was always preoccupied.

In addition, no one was aware of his name, and it was difficult to know where he was from. They only know that he’s an individual that should not be at all. Due to the mystery that emanates from him, the man does not speak to anyone and keeps the distance from anyone around him. Bob has created a situation that is sure to anger the man and now he’s forced to pay the price for his actions after being pursued intensely.


In the role of an unruly child and not just engages in the game for the sole purpose of escape. But he also uses his experience and the tools he has to use a counterattack in order to make him leave the house or slow the pursuit.

Stay close to him so you’re able to increase your distance in your escape. Pick out the right tools for you to hide in areas that are obscured by the view of the man and use counterattacks to surprise him and bring happiness to the process through hiding and seeking.


Here are the best games features to include:

Simple gameplay, with easy-to-use touch controls

For the first time, Android gamers in Scary Stranger 3D can begin to enjoy the thrilling gameplay using smooth and simple control via touch. The game features an optimized set of gestures and controls to ensure you don’t be unable to interact with the characters or making use of the features in the game.

Also, feel at ease to move your characters by using the virtual analog, use your fingers for objects to choose them, search at the available interactions to build your traps, and then be patiently waiting for a laugh at the monkeys in the neighborhood.

A variety of exciting chapters to look forward to

If you are curious, you can take part in a variety of exciting chapters of Scary Stranger 3D, each featuring its own distinct activities and brand new adventures.

Additionally, you can find yourself exploring the house, taking a trip to beaches, taking part in the frightening-themed game, and playing distinct chapters from the game. These should all allow you to have fun playing the game. Take pleasure in playing this addictive mobile game and keep an eye out for chapter updates.

You can unlock boosters to make it easier to complete challenges.

In Scary Stranger 3D, Android players will be able to unlock a variety of awesome boosters within the game. These boosters will let them freely play the games’ challenges and have more fun playing it. Pay for boosters using coins, and complete specific achievements to earn rewards, or check the game for the available loot.

Stay active and earn daily reward

At the same simultaneously, Android gamers only need to be online to receive every day rewards. This game allows you to collect your daily rewards each 24 hours. You can simply return every day to accrue your rewards, and gain access to many wonderful items that can make your game more enjoyable.

Plenty of Missions

There are plenty of various pranks or missions you can take on within Scary Stranger 3D. In the beginning, you’re asked to sabotage the BBQ of your neighbor. You’ll have to use your skills and the surroundings to accomplish this.

Furthermore,  There are also other missions like A Sweet Surprise, Wrong Direction, Shotgun Disaster, Upside Down and more. Each mission allows you to wander around your home in search for items that you could utilize!

Full 3D Gameplay

It’s a game simulation which allows you to freely move around through the house to carry out your jokes. You can also view your neighbor live because of the camera on the top.

Furthermore, You can explore the world using the navigation controls, leap, choose things, tap lay down, and much more. There are also hints to unlock for stuck players in a particular level. Make sure you complete every level, and then see the smile at the face of your neighbor!

Audio and graphics

From the pictures of this post, it is possible to observe the fact that Scary Stranger 3D uses beautiful 3D animations with vibrant tones. It’s like an animated film designed intended for youngsters. Although its content is frightening and violent. Once you have completed the prank and enjoying having accomplished your “achievement”, it is an image of an angry and confused neighbor.

Furthermore, Additionally, in terms of sound, the soundtrack for the game is Monkeys Spinning Monkeys. It’s a fun tune that gives players a sly sensation. It will to increase the suspense in the event that you’re doing something to harm your neighbour’s house.

Download Scary Stranger 3D MOD APK for Android

Scary Stranger 3D is a enjoyable game that is perfect for entertaining during your free time. It’s suitable for children who are older than 7 But I think it is worth giving your kids this game as they could play along with some of Bob’s tricks. Also Don’t attempt the pranks in this game in actual life!

Final thoughts

Be ready to participate in this easy but incredibly enjoyable game Scary Stranger 3D, where you can demonstrate your imagination and naughtiness by playing a variety of hilarious and fun tricks against your cranky and ugly neighbor.


Q. What is Scary Teacher’s 3D name?

Nick (Real Nick (Real Name Nick – Nicholas Issac Anderson ) is the Scary Teacher 3D avatar. He’s dressed in an orange t-shirt with a grey jacket, an orange cap, black sunglasses that are tintless with black pants, white sneakers and a blue backpack that has the American flag on the bag handlers.

Q. Are Scary Teacher 3D free?

You can play Scary Teacher 3D online for no cost using Mobile cloud. Take on the brutal and unorthodox punishment imposed by your scary teachers within Scary Teacher 3D the Simulation game developed by Z & K Games. Students have endured threats, physical punishment and even torture from the hated teacher.

Q. Is it possible to get the download of Scary Teacher 3D?

It is necessary to install the official Uptodown Android app in order to install it. Explore a terrifying 3D world and attempt to escape a terrifying schoolteacher in this game very similar to Hello Neighbor.

Q. What’s the story behind the a teacher who is scary?

The story revolves around an intelligent girl and her most unpopular High School teacher. The Teacher who scares kids has been intimidating kids with physical punishment, and sometimes torturing children. This frightened teacher has moved in as your neighbor and you’ve chosen to instruct her by making her fearful.

Q. Does the movie “Scary Teacher” have an actual tale?

“It’s a fictional story, but its portrayal of abuse and trauma are real for many young people,” the show’s star Mara acknowledged in an PSA in support of the National Sexual Assault Hotline created for the show. “It is not acceptable for an adult who is trusted to leverage their relationship to, or authority to manipulate a child to engage in sexual activities.

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Switch the Sadness
Grumpy plans to suck out the happiness of kids, ruin his plans by making him do happy dance with the kids!
Treat the thieves
Stranger and robbers have stolen the fish bowl, let the fish land in water and scare the heck out of them!



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